Playing Back Dr. Reality @ Radio TNP 22.07.2023 | You Are Listening Back To Dr. Reality @ Radio TNP 22.07.2023 |

July 12 
11:00 Lion Kojo
12:00 Baume
13:00 Charmaine
14:00 Come To Brasil w/ Giu Nunez
16:00 VIAVIA w/ Fabio Fontanelli & yòp
18:00 Saar & Claar

July 13
11:00 Amerza
12:00 Could be us, but u're human w/ Andrea Ida
13:00 Schafttijdsamba w/ Oscar van Leest
14:00 40cm onder NAP Radio w/ DJ Scottify
15:00 From the way knak w/ Blöd Heinie
16:00 DJ Bavavla
17:00 Edena
18:00 Gavroche

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Piña Festival, San Remo

Budino, Tako, Mike Who, Adriana, Vandorta, Maybe Tonight, Dualismo, Pierka, L/MA0RI

Sounds & Stories For All Ears

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Radio Tempo Não Pára (Portuguese for Time Does Not Stop), also known as Radio TNP, is an independent online radio station with a physical studio in the North of Amsterdam, established in 2018.

With live broadcasts every Friday and Saturday, our team aims to highlight excitings sounds to a broad audience while facilitating a consistent listening experience through day-specific themes or sound palettes programmed around our residents. In addition to live shows, we curate a series of guestmixes, showcasing international artists who excite us.

Our radio station started off as a present in the form of a mixtape on a cassette tape from one best friend to another. The name, Radio Tempo Não Pára, was invented by the mother of the initiator, symbolizing the current lengthiness and future endlessness of their friendship. Friendship is what our station started from, and is what it will always represent.

Radio TNP operates as an independent, entirely self/community-funded non-profit foundation. Our dedicated team consists of musicians, researchers, artists, filmmakers, students, writers and DJs, all operating voluntarily with a smile.
Our cozy studio, located in the garden of Taverno, features, among other things, a high fidelty soundsystem, custom booth and quarterly art exhibitions. Most importantly, our doors are open to anyone who’d like to submerge themselves in our music offering, so feel free to pass by at any time.

We are proud to (have) work(ed) together with brands, venues and organizations such as Oedipus, Dekmantel, Amsterdam Dance Event, De School, The University of Amsterdam, Piña Fesival, Cinetol, Taverno, Garage Noord, Skatecafe, Schietclub, Borisov, Van Gogh Museum, Aida Youth Center, DOCK Youth Center, INK Projeto, Open Air and Huis Marseille who support us in what we do this all for:

Sounds & Stories For All Ears.



Connecting Amsterdam’s club-scene and creative youth with locals to initiate dialogue about emotional audiovisual experiences by curating 4 DJ-sets in a Turkish supermarket - with the DJ equipment right inbetween the fruits and veggies. Invited artists were DJ Marcelle, Mendel, Sekan and Palestina Robotica. We promoted the event in four different languages (English, Dutch, Turkish, Arabic) to reach locals in their own respective language. We realized the concept and poster design in collaboration with artist Felix Sandvoß. To watch back the live-streams, click here.

This project was supported by the City of Amsterdam and LU Records.

Press mentions in Dekmantel and Arte TV.

Values: social cohesion, indifference, dialogue


This project was aimed at bringing contrasting communities closer together. Specifically, we focussed on young people who are familiar with Amsterdam’s nightlife and people with a background in one of 7 cultures that make up the largest non-Western immigrant groups in Amsterdam (Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Surinam, Turkey, source CBS). We did this by organizing 7 events at Garage Noord and Skatecafe where a DJ played together with a live musician who played a traditional instrument from the respective culture. With this combination, we created opportunities for dialogue and building bridges, overcoming prejudices about nightlife.

This project was supported by the AFK.

Values: accessibility, inclusivity, equal opportunities


We absolutely love sharing our favorite music with new faces, so festival hostings are a favorite thing to do! Previously, we’ve curated for Dekmantel Selectors, Open Air Festival, Museumnight Festival and every year we’re part of Amsterdam Dance Event with our own event. Central to our programming style is uniqueness, diversity and lots of fun.

Values: creativity, uniqueness, diversity


Through film screenings with an anthropological and musical focus, as well as a progressive nature, we highlight stories from all over the world. Such events are set up together with upcoming filmmakers/directors, and are usually paired with DJ performances before or after the screening. Previous screenings (and acts) include:

Composing Freedom (Lulu & LazerGazer)
ARABEKS (Loradeniz & Mosaic Man)
O Começo De Um Sonho (Jungle By Night & Palo Santo Discos)

Values: curiousity, solidarity, involvement


Our thematic club event series Durma Dans Et (Turkish for Don’t Stop Dancing) which has been running since 2019. In this event series, we focus on unconventional, organic and warm music, often exploring regional genres across the globe such as raï, cumbia or arabesk. Expect everything but four-on-the-floor: dub, folk, dancehall, psychadelic rock and much more.

Values: diversity, openness, creativity



Papaverweg 7
1032KD Amsterdam

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