Playing Back Siena Ovest Worldwide w/ Camille Maria @ Radio TNP 29.07.2023 | You Are Listening Back To Siena Ovest Worldwide w/ Camille Maria @ Radio TNP 29.07.2023 |

December 8
12:00 dark things we tell each other w/ Daniel Jahn
13:00 Susannah Stark
14:00 Javier Rodriguez
15:00 Serena
16:00 Helter Skelter w/ Loma Doom
18:00 luisterclub
19:00 Edena
20:00 Neska
21:00 brokenchord
December 9

11:00 hommybird
12:00 Inspirational Speaker
14:00 The Dog Days
15:00 Ambu Bambu
16:00 Tizi
17:00 GENEEVRE w/ Xzavier Stone
19:00 Glabra
20:00 Chinnamasta

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Sexyland, Amsterdam

Chinnamasta, GENEEVRE, Tizi

Sounds & Stories For All Ears

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Learn more about our residents and listen back to their latest shows!




Deeply involved in visual world building, Ayla Hibri captures her colourful, textural, and tactile cosmos through photography, drawings and paintings. In the sonic macrocosm, guide signs are spread all along her Scenic Route show, which embodies a journey through the stream of lively memories and sonic dwellings. The warm and eclectic dreamscapes of the Beirut-born, Amman-based jack of all trades will soften your ear canal and veil any form of existence under a melodic bloom. Delicately infused with splashes of percussions creeping from below a creatures’ land, intimate murmurs of poetry, and free floating nebulous rhythms, Ayla’s pensive compositions come close to anyone’s heartbeat.



Alexandra Marr’s mixes defy easy categorization. Exploratory and composed with exceptional sensibility for harmony and ambience, they consistently bring seemingly disparate musical styles into an intimate dialogue. Marr’s trademark is her unique ability to straddle the divide between the uplifting and melancholic, the stripped-down and the embellished, always looking for soulfulness in places where few other might expect to find it.



Ani Phoebe’s worlds are many but firmly rooted in a never-ending magnetic groove that leads through streams of nuanced synth-echoing whispers from the past. It’s never the same destination when she’s on diving duties — whether the Hong-Kong based navigator is dipping deep into ecstatic balearic bubbles, dripping disco saunas, or touching peculiar sides of blazing hip-hop, dub icebergs, and electronic strikes, she knows when to brake and when to break a dancefloor’s atmosphere. Impossible to place within a definite space or time, Ani Phoebe’s open-eared world will flourish TNP with an irresistible twist of coastal cliff dancing ecce.





Charmaine radiates good vibes through her broad smile and any soundsystem. Her mixes are always more soulful than purgatory and range from easy listening to hard-hitting, depending on the setting and the soundsystem. Of course the purgatory simile falls flat when examining Charmaine’s sets; the joyous and colourful atmospheres she shapes have saved many a soul from eternal damnation. Her base of operations is Rotterdam, where she works as a Clone Records employee and as an Operator radio programmer. This constant exposure to music is reflected in the depth of her performances.



Dancing while flipping sides of hot-as-blazing tunes fires up anyone around. With Coco Maria, every radioshow is a carnival on airwaves, whether you’re swaying in your office chair, shaking your butt while chopping carrots or banging the steering wheel of your car on Samba rhythms and tambourine beats. Always with energetic narratives and a one-way ticket to the tropics, Coco Maria can warm up your day even in the breeziest weather. Invoking the sun on various radio stations, she knows the place to all hot-and-sweaty celebrations and the secret to full body experiences of ankle-breaking rarities — are you ready to rock steady?




Daniel Jahn, or sometimes unhappybirthday is the ideal companion for drifting bodiless into rainforests of sensitive depths. He is also a resident at our NTS colleagues and the driving force behind the Hamburg based indie label Bureau B, hiding under a dusty collection of unheard musics and jarring echoes without a trace. Caught into the sheer intensity of dark things we tell each other, Daniel strikes a balance between stasis and dislocation, tinting the environment with midnight melancholia, misty delirium and iridescent visions. His sets reveal exactly what his sonic theatre is about - a play of uncanny wonders and suspenseful oddities. A direct invitation to sinking into a placid shining dark listening reverie, stripped of edge and clarity.



Spinning around in a daze across splinters of crisp new beat, freaky acid breaks, or hard hitting electro explosions, Dazion packs all kinds of influences in his smoothly blended groove boxes. Ready anytime to transform your room into a fluid dancefloor, his weirdly rhythmic, sometimes emotional and relentless picks intertwine under a frisky cosmic soundscape. Rocking the club scene in high demand with his Dazion moniker, Cris Kuhlen counts many of his signature releases on renowned labels such as Safe Trip, Second Circle, and Animals Dancing. Straight outta The Hague, the sounds of Dazion travel at light-speed and move in slow-motion towards an alien utterance that echoes in his radio odyssey.



Extraordinary and hypernormal; Dean High goes above, beyond and outside. The Serbian-Dutchman — who hosts the bi-monthly show ‘Hypernormal radio’ — employs an analytic ear in his productions and selections, in which he manages to strike a perfect balance between consistency and unpredictability. This all results in music that sucks the listeners in, bites their necks and touches them with cold fingers, leaving them in an auditory chokehold fashioned from heavy sub action, tight drum sounds and unexpected grooves. Said programmed rhythm sections are coloured in by unpredictable, cavernous and haunting tonal content which results in an experience which transcends the total sum of its parts.



Deboleena has a clear interest in rhythm, contrast, ratio, dynamics and harmony in both buildings and music. Her approach to her two main interests, music and architecture, can perhaps be explained from her upbringing in which she was exposed to many different sonic and architectural environments. She was raised across three continents while digesting Indian Classical, Jazz, and the golden era of Timbaland productions. These influences lead to picks with unexpected progressions, unpredictable structures and beautiful production and soundscapes. Bluntly put; ‘For the heads’.



Derozan leaves impressively few stones unturned. When he lifts a stone, the musical millipedes lurking beneath them scatter to seek shelter in his music library. The feeling felt by these startled insects is not unlike the delighted confusion created by Derozan on the dancefloor- a fabrication of wonder which is also present in his bi-monthly show, ‘Swallowtail town’. The main difference between his club sets and his radio appearances would be the introspective nature of his show — a quest through imaginative mangroves and along glimmering patches of moss to relieve the mind of the often overwhelming impermanence of the world outside of our imagination.



In her sets, discourse (moniker of Katayoun Arian) seeks to meditate on different sonic lineages and traditions by way of aural storytelling. In 2017, she initiated a musical archival project that focuses on female-identifying musicians and performers from 20th-century Iran. With shows titled ‘Female Vocalists from Iran and Beyond’, she has recontextualised music from Iran and beyond placing an emphasis on the question of what musical archives can do in rethinking our sonic culture. In doing so, she draws connections between different musical traditions, exploring ways in which archives, their meaning, and function can change by way of a different activation and rearrangement.



The bromance behind Duo Penossi is always seen together in their store on the Zeedijk. Their store, Platypus Records, is a walhalla for those looking for the perfect break, loop or record. It’s no wonder that famous beat smiths such as the Alchemist frequent their store. Their TNP show is always centered around a region’s music which they deliver with a uniquely nonchalant flair and are a testament to their broad and deep knowledge. The first reissue on their label Penossi Records, Werk in Uitvoering’s Dosis, contains all elements to their alchemy — novel, funny and allround great.




Elise Kravets’ sets can be described as levees during floods; a refuge which can be very comforting while being surrounded by a hectic and devastating stream. It’s mainly insatiable and curious minds that find comfort in Elise’s sets. However, her sets are exploratory, colorful and escapistic. Elise’s music practice can be linked to her lifelong fascination with pointillism — track per track, dot per dot, the image grows ever clearer. These warm, earthy and cinematic dots are not quite like the pictures she paints in club settings — although her atmospheric sensibilities translate to this setting she prefers hard-hitting 2-step beats of the jungle and d&b variety.




Rarely seen wielding a USB, Fabio Fontanelli lets the processes which deposit records into record bins guide his DJ practice. As such, his DJ sets often included often-overlooked pearls. It is not only the auditory world that fascinates Fabio — it’s the bridge that connects it to the material world which is equally as important to him. This fascination also led to his mix cassette series — the VIAVIA tapes — after which he also named his show. VIAVIA was the name of a boogie project from his hometown Maastricht — a record which perfectly encapsulates the quirky European twists on familiar genres that often find their way into his projects.  



Hi! I’m Steven Hickey (aka Father Hickey) and I live in Los Angeles. By day I work as a photographer and lighting director — by night I feed my YouTube account “Father Hickey’s Collection Plates” and build my record label, “Big Nice.”

When it comes to my musical selections (and overall direction for this show), my North Star is lightheartedness. I’m drawn to songs that are bouncy, distinguished, and filled with character. An ideal mix mirrors a fun conversation between friends — we cover a lot of ground, laugh, and let loose.



To unlock a series of stories and musical wonders, you must keep your ears peeled for “Where in the World” by Freedom of Groovement. Soundwalking through personal experiences, memories and streams of emotions, various DJs, musicians and label heads are invited to share their worlds and sonic encounters. Partly interviews, partly curated playlists, the guests guide us to the least expected places — where music transcends borders, blurs boundaries, and augments senses. Like memories, remembered in an elastic way, sometimes vivid, other times nostalgic and sepia tinged, each episode is someone’s musical memoir.



There’s no way you wouldn’t refill your cocktail glass when Fruno is around. With an affinity for Afro-Brazilian infused grooves, he shakes, squeezes and mixes luscious disco boogie, ambient, balearic sweeteners, and melty ice cubes of deep-dreamy-house, breakbeats and the like. Submerged in the subtleties of organic sounds, the co-founder of Banzeiro Coletivo and Brume, creates a unique fluid potion intensified by the cultural multitudes of perceiving art and music. Such liquid — Seiva (sap) — flows from the beginning till the end of each of his shows, with different fluctuations in style and narratives brought by his Brazilian guests, who are the lifeblood running within this great living organ!




A face of many musical personas, Jermaine Boasman inherited a versatile background and far-reaching influences in all kinds of musics revealed by his own father. One laptop and a seat was all he needed to make him stand up, hit the buttons and embark into a long and gratifying exploration of electronic music. Now a skillful DJ and bold producer, you can spot him behind club and radio decks under aliases like GENEEVRE and GENE SHEIKAH, dropping self-produced seismic beats of basement hiphop and experimental intricacies.



I say this all the time! Of course, this program is just an extension of that habit. I need to share my scene, my perceptions that are born here, my feeling inside the galleries with record stores, the unimaginable landscapes, the friends I receive or the things that only exist here.



London based producer and DJ duo Good Block, present a collection of mixes and live shows for Radio TNP. The pair take an altogether DIY approach towards their output, from hosting parties in and around London, to founding their own imprint to release original productions. The pair are responsible for visual design, production, sound design and mixing all ‘in-house’. Their Radio TNP series will serve up unknown oddities alongside tried and tested jams in the pursuit of auditory inspiration. Expect B-side aesthetics, deep hazy dubs, left-field sounds and crispy synths for both home listening and dance-floors alike.



Historian and owner of Ilê Discos, Gustavo Keno uses musical (re)discoveries (mostly songs who are intertwined with the social and religious themes from the Afro-Brazilian universe and the African Diaspora) to decolonize the dance floor and raise awareness about the existence of musical productions that still remain completely forgotten.

Over the past six years, this commitment has been presented in various collectives, festivals and parties on the national and international scene, such as “Selvagem”, “Festival Gop Tun”, “Urbeck’s Festival”, “Planet Trip” (Australia) and “Rinse France”.

More than simply entertain, Keno also seeks to educate; resignify the term “Brasilidade” and encompass this whole range of artists, composers and producers, who were made invisible due to social determinisms still far from being deconstructed in Brazilian society. Like, for example, racism.

He is also responsible for the YouTube channel entitled “Juntos Com Certeza” where a large part of his research available is shared.






DJ, record collector, and edit maker based in Seoul.

His music, which pursues original sounds of various genres based on the musical golden era from the 8-90s, has a positive and emotional groove like his personality. Tucan Discos, his alter ego that started in 2019, is a channel that introduces his favorite tracks from his record shelf by editing them to suit his tastes, is currently loved from many DJs and music lovers around the world, through this, he meets various friends and engages in his musical activities.



Turn The World On is Jenst his outlet to record trippy mixes for trippy trips, ranging from low-key to high energy. Turn on, tune in, drop out, drown down, hang low, get low. Get turned on or turn the world on with his arousing turntable talk, Jenst the night away with all Jenst on deck. With Jenst on the decks, since his show started at Red Light Radio, a fun, indie, poppy but hypnotic 2000s atmosphere is often created, consisting of picks that speak to his encyclopedic knowledge of music. His knowledge is never expressed snobbily; it is always a joyful opportunity for him to share.



John Agesilas is a guru in several disciplines — positivity, dancing, and all things house music. The man with the infectious smile has had a decades long career — working with Donna Summer and Earth, Wind & Fire as a dancer and co-producing with Kerri Chandler and Atjazz. John is also a formative force for Night Owls, Djoon and Summer Dance Forever. Luckily for us, John is far from greedy with his acquired knowledge and is often found educating people in house culture, dance and life in general. His didactic attitude can be summed up in one of his often said nuggets of wisdom: “Always be a student of life”.



Joss & Flo Selecting are selectors in the original meaning of the word. The word derives from the member of the Jamaican soundsystem who chose the riddims on which the DJ spat lyrics. Within the realm of the original ‘selectors’ they operate, playing various styles of reggae — dub, lover’s rock, roots and rocksteady. While their preferred riddims are as strong and steady as rock, their favorite lyrics can be uplifting, sweet and positive. The riddims and vocals are the vehicle — the goal is good vibes and love.



Kimchi Radio never settles for one menu. Rather than being stuck on certain ingredients, our kimchi-enthusiast stirs and shakes a myriad of organic sounds and fresh melodies. His eclectic musical plates are fairly full-flavoured. From seasoned jazz-funk, spicy downtempo, and bitter indie pop to sour folk, salty breaks, and sweet synth-pop, Kimchi’s taste is as diverse as it can get. Soundtracking your lust and sorrow, his monthly picks are slowly cooked and served in a matter of seconds. His blends boil with plot abundance — funky grooves merge with symphonic rock, and Algerian folk tunes throw the main course dinner chairs aside. Kimchi Radio has no traditional recipe, but an unexpected fusion of goodies.


Hummingbird songs in frosty mornings, church choirs and bells ringing, euphoric vocals, crying guitars, and swelling synths — that’s what Kleingeld’s dreams are made of. Brimming over with gloomy echoes and intricate percussion, her candle illuminated shows can induce anyone into a posthypnotic amnesia. DJ by day, didgeridoo by night, the empress of reverb plays with haunted airwaves embodied by her listeners’ breaths — all in a strange but fun parade, destination unknown, fragile, and uncertain sonic fields. Feeling uneasy or confused? Just relax, Kleingeld whispers, “I will count sheep for you, rest easy now. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven — give in… eight, nine, ten….”




Not only an emblematic radio veteran, but also a pioneering digger, Loma Doom traverses aural dimensions and picks arcane formulas for her sonic treatments. Curiosity is what straddles her artistic practice and sonic experiences. In the dungeon of her bi-monthly show, Helter Skelter, she moves in a non-linear manner around dubby rhythmic patterns and rich textured arrangements, and seeks to explore the darkest corners of electronic experimentalism. Guided by instinct, Loma is not afraid to operate with a surgical precision around psychedelic and hardcore punk, freak folk, ritualistic percussions and howls, and spellbinding drones. Stitching together radio and archives as her main media, her approach revolves around various notions of listening and how listening is a call to action. Apart from being a sonic surgeon, Femke is also an active artistic researcher, curator and educator of contemporary arts.



No stone is left unturned when Loradeniz is racing the airwaves. Centred around swirling breakbeats, seismic basslines, and disfigured industrial rhythms, her mixes collapse into an orchestrated chaos before gathering for three more minutes of dark ambiance with harmonious and witchy gated vocal bliss. Istanbul-born pianist, composer, and producer, Lora exports a stormy waltz of electro, postpunk, leftfield, dub, and many other experimental thrillings. In her radio series, The Ottoman Export, Loradeniz imports and exports a flux of eccentric talents with whom she sometimes chitchats, or ventures into vast sonic canons where borders between light and dark, past and future, hope and despair are blurred.




Madly involved in sonant incantations and holding many tricks in the bag, Madba creates boundless atmospheric works. A multi-layered artist from Caracas, she composes, produces, and writes in many formats. Camouflaging under dizzy rhythms of darkwave, murky ambient, trip hop and other experimental jams, Madba sets the tone for a slow nonchalant dance. Always on a hunt for the freshest releases, our versatile artist creates a parallel dimension in which the mundane meets the odd, post-cataclysm nostalgia with a humorous sense of amorphous sounds. Her dreams are not always breezy ambient, but rather distorted noises evoking the lost paradise, looping on unwanted prophecies, and revenging kindly the ridicule of sense.



Architect, DJ & record collector based in Marseille, Marwan delivers consistently radio shows that navigate through a wide genre of music that he considers to be breezy, free & easy.




A sonic time-traveller and fantasy architect, Norm collects relics and puts them together in Faking Jazz Together. He builds up radiant and delicate worlds in which harmony and emotion prevail over anything else. Diffracted into multiple histories and genres, Norm’s music recreates an ambiance of hazy fusion jazz, hypnotizing psychedelic rock & pop, mellow bossa, and many other rhythmic boogies. Each show is a process of becoming for Norm — an opportunity to refresh and augment his inspiration which has been paved on a strong foundation represented by Connan Mockasin’s psychedelia. Once you tune in, you slip down in a mellifluous and vivid dream.




Ondula is a sound artist, radio producer, musician and  DJ based in Berlin since 2007. She completed her studies in the Berlin University of Arts (UDK) master Sound Studies and Sonic Arts. Explorer of sound and music, collector of records and cassettes tapes she also collects pieces of reality recording sounds everywhere she goes.  As an artist she works with field recordings, analogue tape machines, cassette players and other obsolete media. For her the medium is as important as the sound itself, becoming another compositional element whose manipulation influences and is part of the arrangement. Her work with field recordings consists in transforming and modifying sounds, placing them in a different context. In 2014 she was part of the Deutsche Oper production “Sounds for a While”, being part of the creative team and performed with 4 reel-to reel tape machines and other self-made instruments. In 2017 she has presented her piece “Obsolete Resonances” at Kesselhaus Berlin, a composition for tape machines, cassette players, typewriter and fax.

As DJ she plays under the name of Ondula,  she have played in International festivals like Strcamp, Polyhymnia, New Dance Fantasy, City of Thousand Suns, Camp Cosmic or Braille Sattelite.  Resident of the club Sameheads where she hosts the party Diapason, together with Eva Geist.

She is the half of  the electronic music duo As Longitude (with Eva Geist).  As Longitude is part of the Berlin label Eine Welt and the Dutch label Knekelhuis where their first Ep, Blauer Part, was released in 2017. Their second Ep That’s When Animals Turned into Humans  was released in December 2018 on Macadam Mambo.






Timeless music can never flourish anywhere and no one can argue against Robob here. Delivering an instant appreciation for soulful delights, wizardry synths, disco heatwaves, sometimes caught in an electronic vortex, Robob is the one you want to soundtrack your road trips. Without overcommitting to any specific genre or mood, he knows how to carry the momentum of his episodes forward. Undoubtedly, Anthems Are Forever and a little bit of digging Robob’s musical archives and collaged sensibilities will most likely strike as a reminder. Are you the kind who easily forgets? Robob has you covered!



Roelien abandons conventional soundworlds and transcends time and space with a keen ear for slow electronic tripped-out oddities. Her bountiful musical output aligns with strong commitment to the creation of immersive atmospherics in which the listening experience is parsed into ecstatic fragments. Ready to blast off? Rhythmic pulses, powerful beats and mutant transitions are likely to wear down less venturous listeners. Roelien’s spacecraft orbits around bouncing tracks and floats over obscure dubby sounds from beneath. Her sets are here to ooze from an electrifying dusk, dissolve the territory and abolish any protocols. So… let’s lift off!




Saar & Claar share similarly sounding nicknames and similarly sounding music. Their journey starts in Milan, where they met in art school and bonded over a shared interest in music — a shared passion which only seems to have intensified over the subsequent 8 years. They blend sounds from genres like Belgian New Wave, IDM and New Age — walking the tightrope between listening music and dancing music. This philosophy was also present in the ‘chill out’ rooms in 90s clubs which have since disappeared. They revive and expand this chill-out culture, shaped by the likes of Mixmaster Morris and the KLF, with their bi-monthly show called ‘Chill-out Room’.



Satoshi Yamamura who ran the music blog Okonkole Y Trompa, unearths hardly known and wonderfully bizarre pieces. Constantly packing and unpacking unfamiliar artists and dusty grooves nearly lost to the world, Satoshi’s collection is stored somewhere behind the portcullis of a fortified castle. Once it slides down, you are entrapped in an abstract sonic space as vast as the universe — an oasis of rare releases or a haunted translation of his inner monologue into mystical arrangements. Probably a genre-agnostic, Satoshi is not afraid to journey through the unknown and ecstatic realms of glacial new wave, ghostly synth-pop, fragile ambient, psychedelic jazz fusion, and many other punchy frequencies. His garden of unearthly rhythms is an entangled landscape: you won’t know how you got there, but it was worth it.



As busy as two bees, Camille Maria and Pietro Ferrari are in a constant mood for creation and growth. Creators of ambitious projects, the body-twisting duo is the sonic force behind Siena Ovest Worldwide and rulers of the Dusty Cabinets series. Camille and Pietro have been at it for 10 years and have successfully taken the western part of Siena, their hometown, to the world. Their ‘Dusty Cabinets’ events series hosts a diffusion of dub-related artists, such as Donna Leake and John T. Gast, whose woofer-wizardry undoubtedly disperses the dust from atop the cabinets into the air. The same dust-distributing-dub can be heard on their Radio TNP show.



Munich based DJ Sophie Pschorr works at the internationally revered institute Public Possession — a record label and store. She deals with synthesizer sounds from current and past times — often including echoing vocals, gritty instruments and originating in German musical history. She constantly moves between contrasts and finds her own connections, which takes her past a myriad of atmospheres of the new wave, dub, EBM and experimental variety. She’s a resident at Radio 80000 and at Radio Tempo Não Pára. With her series for Radio Tempo Não Pára, “Stratus”, she focuses more on softer and calmer sounds.




Tember’s tempestuous timbres, which he slings into the aether through his TNP-show ‘Unlikely Animal Friends’ and ‘Club Hits Differently’, can be referred to as postmodern. The visual language in the world of Tember is delightfully campy and drenched in irony. The combination of songs he reproduces could be classified as ‘random’ compared to (past) club standards. There is definite philosophy and method behind the madness, however; Tember’s approach is purposefully anti-elitist and deliberately unorthodox. Without friction, there’s no shine — without experimentation, there is no innovation.



Intriguing dancer, first-class clubber, and part of our family since the very beginning, Tosh stands tall in both music and the real world. He can reach the highest altitudes with his musical taste and access any dimension of sonic serenity through fictive and vivid sounds. Tosh’s Sonic Fiction shows are filled with much coveted unknown jams that revolve around a multivalent exploration of what music across genres and eras can bring in terms of calmth, texture and warmth. It’s true, the dancefloor is his second home, but in his shows, you’ll only encounter an occasional kick drum that will enter your ear canal.



Blending a contagious fever of electro bleeps and dub zappers with a strong spirited presence behind decks and an erratic approach to mixing it, DYKEHAUS aka Emme and DJ Shahmaran aka Arjîn advance together in an everlasting reckless change. Moving frenetically at high speeds around syncopated rhythms of cheeky ghetto breakers, the duo enters a boundless evolutionary trajectory in which things flicker and worlds collide. Turn on your pulsometer and enter the void of Transience — you’ll learn how to accept and navigate growth.





An avid crate digger with a particular ear for all things funky, Vandorta has brought her eclectic musical tastes to prominent London venues such as the Jazz Café and KOKO; and recent UK festival sets at We Out Here and Lost Village.  Her wide-ranging tastes and musical knowledge have been shaped by her work at esteemed Soho record institution, Sounds of the Universe, where she works behind the counter. Since 2019, she has hosted a regular radio show on Balamii Radio and has made guest appearances on NTS, Soho Radio and Vinyl Factory Live.  Her passion for soundsystem culture has led to regular appearances at the legendary Deptford Dub Club and a recent set for the launch Adidas ✕ Jamaica Football Federation partnership.

Vandorta delves into the deep, dubby and soulful sounds that move her — untethered by genre, but united in feeling.  Traversing Rocksteady and Funk, to Post-Punk and Left-Field Disco, this vinyl-centric is exploratory at its core, in the spirit of a crate-digging session at your favourite record shop. Would be cool to include some more factual shows and interviews too!



Veering off into the unknown, Vuur combines minimal electronics with deeply hypnotic clicky techno, gradually immersive ambient, blitz psychy breakers and gauzy downtempo. Always involved in discovering new sonics and making new friends, Vuur won’t navigate the synthetic land of intergalactic electronic miniatures alone. Among the co-pilots of his flights there is a mix of talented friends, established and upcoming artists. Following their traces of melodic space dust, Vuur builds up, co-evolves and expands on the brain-melting, head-scratching at times, or dream-laced structures of dronesque forces and rhythmic ambiances.




Wulffluw XCIV uses music as a communication tool, as a language that has no geographical or ethnographic boundaries, which connects people from any point of our planet. A musician, working with creative communities and musicians from South and North America, Europe, Asia or Africa, synthesizing a primitive sounding with modern technologies. Every DJ set is an emotional and digital trip, from the warm and rhythmic shores of southern countries, to the coldest and most ruthless corners of Russian realities. Travelling across the world and collaborating with the artist from different cultures, synthesizing a primitive sounding with modern technologies, every time proves that religion and politics, borders and different nationalities cannot stand in the way of the truth. And the truth is the same — we are all from the Earth.





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