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December 8
12:00 dark things we tell each other w/ Daniel Jahn
13:00 Susannah Stark
14:00 Javier Rodriguez
15:00 Serena
16:00 Helter Skelter w/ Loma Doom
18:00 luisterclub
19:00 Edena
20:00 Neska
21:00 brokenchord
December 9

11:00 hommybird
12:00 Inspirational Speaker
14:00 The Dog Days
15:00 Ambu Bambu
16:00 Tizi
17:00 GENEEVRE w/ Xzavier Stone
19:00 Glabra
20:00 Chinnamasta

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Sexyland, Amsterdam

Chinnamasta, GENEEVRE, Tizi

Sounds & Stories For All Ears

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As some might remember, we have worked together with the Aida Youth Center in Bethlehem, Palestine in the past to support the development of young musicians.

There is no joy in sharing music thinking about what our young, innocent friends in the Aida Music School have to endure under the current circumstances. These are kids.

Now more than ever, Aida’s young talents need our support. We refuse to leave them in the cold. We invite our community to join us in raising money.

We’ve done it before, we can do it now.

Each donation will receive a print by resident Ayla Hibri as a token of appreciation for supporting our friends. E-mail us your proof of donation (PayPal transaction) along with your address to receive your print. Your transaction should go towards Mr. Abusrour, the director of Aida Youth Center.


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