Playing Back Dr. Reality @ Radio TNP 22.07.2023 | You Are Listening Back To Dr. Reality @ Radio TNP 22.07.2023 |

February 23
13:00 Kimchi Radio
14:00 Tienson & Douwe
16:00 I'll Be Your Friend w/ Vuur & Luc Mastenbroek
18:00 Zozo
19:00 ophélie
February 24
13:00 Saar & Claar
15:00 H.O.D
16:00 Mowgli
17:00 Zoe
18:00 Sad Tigers
20:00 Devon Rexi LIVE

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Schietclub, Amsterdam

Zozo, Neska & Mosaic Man

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TNP Support Programme

Everything we do at Radio Tempo Não Pára is out of love for the music- and stories loving community. Since day one, accessibility, sharing and inclusivity have been vital points for us. It is our team’s mission to put this into practice – and you can support us in doing so.  

In 2020, we have set up the TNP Support Programme to increase the accessibility and inclusivity of our platform, by sharing more with people who have less. With your financial support, we 

  1. Compensate travel costs for artists who are financially hindered to travel to the studio

  2. Educate the art of DJing to disadvantaged youth from Amsterdam through multi-week courses

  3. Connect different layers of society together with free social & musical events

  4. Improve the quality of our shows with investments to the studio and online infrastructure

By becoming a donating family member, you play an important part in reaching our mission. Your support makes a direct positive impact on the music community and beyond. Together, we want to propel all future talent, promote social cohesion and creativity.

Donations are on a monthly basis in the amounts of €3, €5 or €10 (recurring payments via iDEAL or CreditCard). As a thank you, each plan comes with rewards, which can be found below.

Alternatively, you can make a one-time donation via iDEAL or PayPal

Thank you for supporting us ︎


Private access to exclusive, thematic playlists curated by residents and team members!

You will be subscribed to a newsletter in which we share the mixes and other exciting content.



TNP Family keychain, mug, totebag and lighter, as well as the rewards of the €3 plan!


Guestlist for all events organized by TNP independently, as well as the rewards of the €3 and €5 plan!

Playing Back Ezhi @ Radio TNP 22.07.2023 | You Are Listening Back To Ezhi @ Radio TNP 22.07.2023 |