Playing Back Sachiko @ Radio TNP 29.07.2023 | You Are Listening Back To Sachiko @ Radio TNP 29.07.2023 |

June 21 
12:00 I’ll Be Your Friend w/ Vuur & Delano Legito
14:00 Nic Scratch
15:00 Valentin
16:00 Sèsè aloe
17:00 Andrew Fernandez
18:00 Sachiko
19:00 Chano

June 22 
13:00 Vandorta
14:00 Lenxi
15:00 Wera
16:00 Joya Astou
17:00 DJ Nativesun
18:00 Amanni M
19:00 Leart Rama

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Piña Festival, San Remo

Budino, Tako, Mike Who, Adriana, Vandorta, Maybe Tonight, Dualismo, Pierka, L/MA0RI

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Our hearts and thoughts are with all innocent civilians who fell victim to the war in Gaza and Israel, as well as the often overlooked escalation in the West Bank - including our friends at Aida Youth Center. This must stop. Dehumanization, injustice and apartheid must end. Everyone deserves a life with dignity. As a platform with a broad community of people from all ages, genders, nationalities, religion and walks of life, we want to promote solidarity and empathy through an educated dialogue. This is why we’ve put together a playlist of educative videos which hopefully gives an enriched perspective in which facts lead the narrative.

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