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Where In The World Is 03  08.12.2020

Where In The World Is: Moving Still w/ Freedom of Groovement

arabic, hiphop, ambient

Where In the World's global journey through artists' musical roots continues with DJ and producer Moving Still. As a producer his dancefloor rocking hits have circled around the world in the hands of your favorite DJs, and include releases on Nail Shop Records, Orange Tree Edits, Dar Disku Records and most recently Jive Hive. Though he's best known for his danceable edits of forgotten Arabic hits dug out from dusty cassettes, Moving Still's influences extend beyond the Gulf and include 90s dance, his own start as a hip hop DJ and the ambient music of Aphex Twin. As a DJ, he's a resident on Dublin Digital Radio where he and his guests showcase (in his own words) 'ouddy bangers' and on Palestine's Radio Al Hara where he takes a more relaxed approach. In this show, Moving Still takes us through his early days DJing hip hop and opening for MF DOOM, how sampling Arabic sounds helped him affirm his own cultural identity and how ambient music helped him complete his PhD in immunology. The tracklist for this episode is all Killer no Filler, and includes a couple exclusive as yet unreleased tracks from Moving Still, one which is out on Jive Hive next month and one ambient track that will probably never see a full release. Thanks to Jamal for speaking with us, we hope you enjoy!

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