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AstroFM 127 // 30 Gram Camille by Camgurl |  

Where In The World Is 02  08.12.2020

Where In The World Is: Gabriel Badwan w/ Freedom of Groovement

soulbrazil, jazz

Where In the World aims to give a voice to artists from all over the globe to share their musical roots. The next installment comes from Gabriel Badwan based in Curitiba, Brazil. Though eccentric to the musical centers of São Paulo and Rio, Curitiba of late boasts a small but vibrant scene. As the head of HMTW there, Gabriel is in the envious position to dig for Brazilian gems at local second hand shops or ‘sebos’. The show is focused on some of these finds, jazz and boom-bap street soul from the 80s onwards. The way Gabriel put these tracks together loosely tells the story of his country, and what makes Brazil so special to him, despite all the darkness there at the moment. At a time when words can sometimes fail you, Gabriel lets the music do the talking.

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