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Talk That Science   26.08.2020

What does the democracy of the future look like?

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Select all this and We are in touch with democracy every day. For example, when the population of a country needs to make a decision as for who should rule their country. However, democratic decision making takes place on much smaller scales as well. Think of a committee that together has to decide who to hire for a job, or if you have to choose a restaurant with a group of people. But did you know that there are in fact many different ways in which you could run a democracy? And that computer science can actually help to design ways to run a democracy? In this episode, Ulle Endriss, professor of Computational Social Choice, talks about politics, participatory budgeting and of course their relation to: computers! Because computers can help us when it comes down to making collective decisions, whether big or small. Listen to find out why!

To find out more about Ulle’s research, see:

One of the things we discuss in this episode, is that every voting rule in which it is impossible to vote strategically, will result in a dictatorship. Watch this video to find out more: 

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