AstroFM 127 // 30 Gram Camille by Camgurl |  


AstroFM 127 // 30 Gram Camille by Camgurl |  

Seiva 002   16.11.2020

Seiva w/ Giu Nunez & Mauricio Fleury

ambient, brazil, dubexperimental

"Music calms the wild beast. It expresses what cannot be said and when it hits, you feel no pain." Today, at Seiva, we welcome the exciting duo Giu Nunez & Mauricio Fleury from Rio de Janeiro.

Formed by researcher Giu Nunez and musician Mauricio Fleury, their duo project seeks to bring a different perspective on music. They incorporate traces of synthesizers and electronic beats, combined with the experimental sounds inspired from both artists' research. The result is phenomenal. Accept this invitation to enter the musical world of the duo, filled with percussion and more Brazilian sounds: a true sound experience.

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