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Latest Mix | Seiva w/ VPORTTO | Latest Mix | Seiva w/ VPORTTO |  

Seiva 001   23.09.2020

Seiva w/ Giba

house, brazil, jazz, disco

Our new resident Fruno explores Brazil's most exciting upcoming talents in his series called "Seiva". Seiva, translated sap, is the liquid that contains nutrients and circulates inside a plant. His residency can be considered a plant, very strong and robust, complementing the great vegetation in Brazil. The artists and their material would be the lifeblood that flows within this great living organ, which is Brazilian music!

In his first instalment of Seiva, Fruno invites Giba. Giba is an oceanographer by profession, contact with nature has always been part of his daily life. In addition, he's a resident of Banzeiro Coletivo, providing local residents with the best electronic beats from a new wave of Brazilian DJs. Giba's research into Brazil's oceans and music just shows his engagement with his roots.

The mix is full of whaling elements, dreamy house, boogie, jazz and bossa nova, showing the richness of smooth and intense Brazilian rhythms.

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