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Seiva 004   17.01.2020

Seiva w/ Capitian

electro, house, ambient

We welcome São Paulo based DJ Capitian for the newest residency mix in our Seiva series, dedicated to upcoming talent from Brazil. Gabriel Capitian spends a fair share of his life discovering, collecting, organizing and, last but not least, dancing to music. For his mix, he has selected some introspective electronic favorites in order to create an inspiring mix for bedroom raves and everyday lives. The dense, intense and dreamy sounds feel like a true extension of his feelings in current times.

Capitian runs "Sofre Comigo", a monthly radio show on Veneno Live dedicated to melancholy through the heavier sounds, such as experimental and post-punk tracks. In a more sunnier side, Gabriel co-founded his party label "Ninho", in which he explores from colorful contemporary techno to leftfield disco and lost cheesy pop anthems. It sure is a jack-of-all-trades.

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