AstroFM 127 // 30 Gram Camille by Camgurl |  


AstroFM 127 // 30 Gram Camille by Camgurl |  

AstroFM 060  15.05.20

I Want Them To Know What They Did Was Wrong by ПАРАЛИЧ

techno, hardcore

Most clubs have been closed for over 2 months and sometimes it gets easy to forget what it was like inside. Budapest-based ПАРАЛИЧ (PARALICH) reminds us of the sound of a proper rave. Armed with heavy 4x4 stompers, hardcore and industrial techno ПАРАЛИЧ takes the listener on a nostalgic journey to a place that will hopefully be open again in the near future. For now, simply imagine being in a dark basement where a bunch of limbs are moving as one, glasses are trembling because of the bass and sweat is dripping from the ceiling. Not a mix for the faint-hearted.

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