AstroFM 127 // 30 Gram Camille by Camgurl |  


AstroFM 127 // 30 Gram Camille by Camgurl |  

AstroFM 062   21.05.2020

Eyes Closed Smile On by Calum Archibald (Bside)

world, lovers rock, reggae, brazil, disco

Most record collectors will recognize the joy of record digging while travelling. When playing the records back at home, it can bring back special memories and warm feelings. Calum Archibald, one of the gents behind podcast series Bside, has compiled the records he collected in different countries into a beautiful mix. The result is 70 minutes filled with pretty lovers rock, worldly disco, reggae and Brazilian soul. "These records allows me to close my eyes and pretend I'm on a beach in a warm country, instead of my bedroom in rainy Scotland". We feel you, Calum, we feel you!

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