AstroFM 127 // 30 Gram Camille by Camgurl |  


AstroFM 127 // 30 Gram Camille by Camgurl |  

AstroFM 106   09.02.2020

Chi City Boogie by Noshaluv

disco, house, soul

DJs who grow up with the boogie know to boogie. This is the story of Noshaluv, born and raised in Chicago. She started shopping records with her grandmother and began playing music for friends and family from the age of 8. With roots deeply seeded in Chicago House Muzik and DJ Rush as her big inspiration, at age 13 Nosha was determined to start building her own collection. Years later, we're lucky enough to reap the fruits of this process! The result is an absolutely delicious and energetic hour of disco, boogie and soulful house. Noshaluv's excellent skillset and experience for blending tracks in together makes the time fly while listening. Chi City represent!

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